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Seligman Orthodontics

The Seligman Philosophy

My philosophy is that the focus should be on the individual at the time of treatment. The practice of orthodontics goes beyond straight teeth. My goal is to achieve an overall facial balance, airway optimization, relief from TMJ pain, and a functional bite because all of these things are critical to any treatment plan offered. I also focus on creating facial balance and harmony between the soft and hard tissue in all patients.

It is important to debunk the myths regarding orthodontic treatment. Braces do not have to be large, ugly, and painful. Treatment does not necessarily take years and years and the extraction of permanent teeth is not necessary for all patients. At our practice, we simply focus on providing great service while creating beautiful smiles and memories. We also strive to ensure that our patients and their parents or caregivers become well-educated in the art of orthodontics.

Meet Dr. Seligman

Dr. David Seligman is an orthodontic specialist. He attended Hopkins Prep School in New Haven, Connecticut followed by Syracuse University achieving his Bachelor of Sciences degree in 1990. He then attended dental school at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine graduating with top honors in 1994. Upon completing dental school, Dr. Seligman applied and was accepted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center Division of Orthodontics. He completed his 3 year residency in 1997 and has been dedicated to private practice orthodontics ever since.
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Dr. David Seligman is a member in excellent standing of many local and national dental and orthodontic societies. He prides himself on constantly seeking the continuing education courses which enhance the patient experience. Technology is his passion as is total excellence. He views orthodontics not just as a profession but more importantly as a mind-set. This will become obvious when you meet both Dr. Seligman and his team. Dr. Seligman is dedicated to his profession and enjoys the day-to-day experiences that working with patients of all ages provides. He currently practices in the Park Avenue area of New York City.

A Message From Dr. Seligman

Faces not Braces! Most people think of straight teeth when you mention braces. What most don’t realize is that orthodontics is a lot more than straight teeth. Facial balance, airway, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) status, and a functional occlusion or bite are critical and the most important aspects in any treatment plan that is offered. Creating facial balance and harmony between soft and hard tissue is what we strive to achieve in all patients.

Yes, we straighten teeth but we also consider the net effect of treatment on the overall appearance and dental health of each individual patient. A beautiful smile with properly balanced facial aesthetics is just the beginning of the treatment philosophy. The beauty of the technology that is being offered today is rooted in basic principles of physics. This has enabled far fewer extractions of permanent teeth, improvements in airway considerations, and above all an orthodontic experience which most would agree is more comfortable than anticipated.

The stereotypes that braces are big and “ugly”, painful, and that treatment takes years and years plus the extraction of permanent teeth are now basically falling to the wayside and can even be considered myth in some circumstances. It is my personal goal to create beautiful and lasting smiles for each of our patients which achieve facial balance and symmetry as the foundation. Most importantly I strive to create an educational experience for our patients, their parents or caregivers which is beyond expectation.